If you are looking for a new future, and a way to be your own boss, you may be searching for a franchise business for sale. Jim’s is the largest franchise group in Australia, and a pest control franchise is one of the more profitable businesses to own.

Franchise business for saleYou are likely to be that person who has always wanted their own business, but doesn’t quite know where to start. This is where Jim’s can help. If you need more information please call 131 546 and our friendly staff will take your details.

Alternatively, you can visit our buy a franchise enquiry page and complete a no-obligation enquiry form.

Jim’s group is one of the most successful franchise systems in Australia. There are well over 3,800 franchisees operating businesses in Australia, and in fact we even have franchises all over the world.

Jim’s Pest Control Franchises are highly sought after. Currently, we have 80 plus small business owners operating throughout Australia. This figure is growing monthly.

The reason our pest control franchise businesses are in such high demand is the financial independence owning one affords you. Most people go into a pest control franchise for this independence. They believe that owning one will deliver the lifestyle they not only seek, but deserve.

  • Recognised and Trusted Brand
  • Powerful Franchisee model
  • Flexible supplier options
  • Jims’s Finance

Franchise business for sale – Jim’s Pest Control

Jim’s Pest Control has lots of franchises available in Australia. They range from buying a local franchise that delivers pest control services, right through to taking on a complete regional franchise.

However, most people start with Jim’s at the ground level with their own local franchise. This involves purchasing a new franchise, and providing pest control and termite treatment services to the growing list of Jim’s customers in your area.

The next level up is to become a Regional Franchisor. This usually enables you to come off the tools, and you can then pass on your knowledge and pest control skills to others starting their own franchise business.

A Regional Franchisor is able to sell franchises in his or her region (or regions), and most of the profits go into their pockets. It will create an income stream for them as fees are collected monthly.

As previously mentioned, this has enabled many franchisees to come off the tools and work ON their business, rather than IN their business.

What about training?

If you are new to the industry, and do not have a pest control license or termite license, we can help you.

A 3rd party provider will provide you with the basic knowledge in pest control. You will then spend a minimum of 4 weeks out in the field with one of our senior technicians.

The infield training will be a hands on experience. At the end of the training, you will have the basic skills to enable you to perform most pest control services offered by Jim’s.

What if you already have pest control qualifications?

On the other hand, if you already have a full pest manager’s license, you will be assessed to see if you meet the high standards expected by Jim’s.

If there are any shortfalls in your knowledge and/or experience, we will help you improve those areas.

Options range from buying a franchise right through to a regional franchise.

Expanding your Business

Often when franchisees have been in business for a couple of years they can become overloaded with work. When this happens franchisees have some great options available to them which is unique to Jim’s.

There are a lot of different options available to you within Jim’s to expand your business. Most of them will be financially rewarding and your franchisor will be able to help you work out the most suitable option.

Some of the options they can consider are:

  • Putting on staff and extra vehicles to relieve the work load
  • Splitting your business (split franchises are highly sort after)
  • Selling work to other franchisees in areas you no longer wish to travel to
  • Trading clients with other franchisees for ones which are closer
  • Simply giving the clients to other franchisees to look after

Your new business and financial independence is only a phone call away, so what are you waiting for. Call Jim’s today on 131 546, or use the contact form here to get in touch and find out more about a franchise in your area.