Not being appreciated at work and have longed to own and operate your own business. A franchise is a great way to get started. Jim’s has franchise for sale Gold Coast opportunities available now.

Your new business is only one phone call away so simply call 131 546 and our friendly staff will take your details.

A Jim’s Pest Control franchise is a great way, to jump start a business. Jim’s has been helping people start their own small business since 1989.

The reason most people choose Jim’s is that they have well developed systems and processes. This allows almost anyone to be able to establish a great business quickly, provided they follow the system.

Many new franchisees can’t believe how quickly they receive work. As soon as they are turned on in the system, the leads start flowing in.

If you add to this, the advice that your experienced franchisor gives you, it allows you to rapidly establish a great business.

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Jim’s Pest Control Franchise for sale Gold Coast; comes with a mentor

Venturing into your own small business can be very scary. It can be stressful just working out where you need to start. Often mistakes are made which can end up costing thousands.

If only these small businesses had the guidance of a mentor, they would be more likely to succeed.

Jim’s knows that in order for most small businesses to succeed they need guidance. In Jim’s, this is provided in the form of a franchisor.

This franchisor has already established a great business within Jim’s. They have the knowledge an experience that is invaluable to franchisees.

Franchisors are only too willing to pass this knowledge and experience on. They have a vested interest in the success of the franchisees business.

This relationship is one of the reasons why so many of our franchisees in the Gold Coast have such a great business.

Gold Coast
Gold Coast Franchise team

Watch the video about John and Vanessa’s experience and roll as the Gold Coast Franchisor for Jim’s Pest Control.

John & Vanessa Grant; regional Franchisors for Gold Coast & South Brisbane

John & Vanessa Grant are extremely experienced pest controllers. They have spent most of their lives in the pest control industry and has seen all the changes that have occurred.

Vanessa & John joined Jim’s as they saw that most pest control companies were severely lacking in customer service. This is something that they are passionate about. Jim’s values were remarkably like theirs.

Jim’s has a very strong brand that has been built on the back of their customer service reputation.

To John and Vanessa, it was the perfect match as they would be able to have an impact on the industry. They could have a direct hand in shaping the new age of pest control technicians.

What is most important to John & Vanessa

The success of his franchisees is extremely important to John & Vanessa. They are always striving to deliver better results for their franchisees.

John & Vanessa are always learning about the latest developments in the industry. In meetings this information is share and if possible, the product representatives attend.

This has resulted in John’s and Vanessa’s franchisees be regarded as some of the best technicians in Queensland.

What does their ideal candidate look like?

Their ideal candidate will have some of the following attributes:

  • Honest and hard working
  • Already involved in the pest control industry or interested in pest control
  • Someone wanting a better work life balance
  • The person who puts in 110% but does not get rewarded for their efforts.

If you possess some of these attributes and have always wanted to start your own business, then they would like to hear from you.

You can learn more about what attributes John & Vanessa are looking for by clicking on the video link on this page.

So, if you have been thinking about owning and running your own pest control business and would like to talk more with John & Vanessa please call Jim’s on 131 546, or use the contact form here to get in touch.