All Franchise systems have problems, but how Jims franchise problems are solved is very unique. Jim actually believes in giving the power to the franchisees.

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Most franchise systems work on trapping their franchisees into the business. They often dictate where you have to buy products and often at inflated prices.

These franchises often don’t care on whether you are able to make a profit or not. They are only interested in selling you a franchise that will make them money.

  • Recognised and Trusted Brand
  • Powerful Franchisee model
  • Flexible supplier options
  • Jims’s Finance

The difference

The way Jims franchise problems is approached is very different to most franchise systems. Jim actually gives franchisees the power to vote their franchisor out of their business.

Did you know that even Jim can effectively be voted out of his own business?

This gives franchisees a voice that will be heard. It also puts a great deal of pressure on a franchisor to do the best by his or her franchisees. This is great for franchisees as the franchisor will always be striving to improve the business.

These are some of the many reasons why Jim’s Group is one of the biggest franchisee groups in Australia.


Free to choose your own supplier

Jim’s Pest Control believes you should have the choice to choose which every supplier you wish to meet your needs.

We often find that franchisees will have a great connection with some suppliers over others. We strongly encourage the development of these relationships as it will help them in their pest control business.

Where most franchises problems occur is where you are forced to use one supplier. This supplier often inflates prices or pays kickbacks to franchisors.

This does not interest Jim’s, which is why we will introduce our franchisees to all suppliers. Jim’s believe that any cost savings or benefit should be passed directly onto the franchisees.

Preferred suppliers

All though we do not restrict you to using one supplier, we have set up preferred suppliers for our franchisees.

Our preferred supplier’s contracts are tendered out every 12 months. The reasoning behind this is that we want suppliers to fight to get the Jim’s Pest Control business.

When suppliers are looking at having access to all of our franchisees, they tend to offer some great benefits for our franchisees.

Our preferred suppliers often offer extended trading terms, in field help, training days. They will let us know about new products entering the market and have even been known to give samples to trial.

While we like franchisees to support our preferred suppliers, there is absolutely no obligation to do so.

Jim’s Finance

Financing a franchise can be hard and is the reason a large number are unable to proceed. This is where Jim’s Finance can help with these franchise problems.

Jim’s Finance works with financial providers that understand the Jim’s system. They know how successful these businesses are and are willing to offer finance.

As with any loans agreement, conditions will always apply. Often Jim’s Finance can get funding of a franchise where the banks have said “no”. This is partly due to the lenders understanding the Jim’s system.

Your franchisor will be able to give you the contact details of Jim’s Finance.

If you are looking at finance it is always worthwhile to discuss financing options with Jim’s first.

So, if you would like to enquire about a franchise or learn more please call Jim’s on 131 546, or use the contact form here to get in touch.