Jim’s is your industry experts in franchises, when it comes to Pest Control. We have successful launched hundreds of pest control businesses in every state and territory of Australia. Some of the reasons that so many people are choosing Jim’s can be found in our below franchise FAQs.

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Franchise FAQS – commonly asked questions

Franchise FAQS refers to Frequently Asked Questions. Every enquiry we receive often asked similar questions. So we have put together some questions and answers that you may like to know.

Of course you will have many other questions and we suggest that you write a list. Then simply ask your Regional Franchisor these questions when they get in touch with you.

How does the Territory work?

A Jim’s Pest Control Franchisee consists of around 8,000 domestic houses. This area is where you can freely canvas for work. Any lead that comes inside of this territory will automatically come to you providing you are down for the service.

Typically this area will be where you live or very close by. If you decided to choose an area away from where you live you will need to have good reasoning behind this.

Your local Franchisor will give you some options to choose from.

What is the Paid for Work Guarantee (PFWG)?

Paid for Work Guarantee, is a guarantee that your business will turn over $1500 per week. If you don’t turnover this amount then you will be asked to go out and perform free promotional services. Your franchisor will then verify these services and pay you $88 per completed service.

This guarantee remains in place until you have received a certain number of leads.

How much are the Franchise Fees?

Franchisees fee’s with Jim’s is very different to most franchise systems. Unlike other franchises, Jim’s does not charge a percentage of your income.

You will pay a monthly franchise fee of around $698.00, which is including your compliance discount. A $260 monthly contribution will be made towards advertising. There are some other minor monthly fees.

Please check with your franchisor to get the most up to date figures.

What are Lead Fees?

Lead fees are what you pay for a pest control or termite enquiry. This is not a job but someone who has a pest control problem and would like a quote.

Typically you will pay around $26 for a general pest enquiry and $30 for a termite one.

You will only ever pay once for this client’s details. If they call Jim’s back in the future, it will automatically come back to you at no charge.

At the end of the month the leads will be tallied up. You will then be billed for only 85% of the leads. This discount allows for any leads that you were unable to contact or poor quality leads.

Most importantly any leads you generate yourself will not attract any lead fee.

Will you help me get my pest control license?

If you are new to the industry and do not have a pest control license or termite license then we can help you.

A third party provider will provide you with the basic knowledge in pest control. You will then spend a minimum of 4 weeks out in the field with one of our senior technicians.

The infield training will be a hand’s on experience. At the end of this training you will have the basic skill on most pest control services offered by Jim’s. Typically this infield training will be with your Franchisor who is a very successful pest control business owner.

Please note: If you have a full pest manager’s license you will be assessed to see if there are any shortfalls in your knowledge.

How much support is offered?

Jim’s is unique in the large amount of support that is available to our franchisees. You have several levels of support available to you, for example:

  • Franchisor support (senior, very knowledgeable and successful business owner, available 7 days)
  • Other Franchisees (great teams of franchisees working together and sharing knowledge)
  • National suppliers (many suppliers offer to come out, in field and assist franchisees)
  • Jim’s Finance (financial support if needed)
  • Call centre operating 7 days a week

These are just some of the support that is offered by Jim’s and your local Franchisor will be able to discuss even more.

Can I control what hours I work?

Within the Jim’s system you have total control of when and where you take leads. You are also able to control what hours you wish to work and what days. Even what services you offer is controlled by you.

The system gives you complete control on how you run your business. If you have children or other commitments you can set you work hours around this. It is the most flexible franchisee system out there in regards to work hours.

Please note: some limitations are applied for those wishing to claim PFWG and your Franchisor will explain

How much can I earn?

It is impossible to give accurate figures on what you might earn. Your commitment and effort will directly relate to your earning capacity.

A true indication of income is that fact that very few franchisees claim the PFWG of $1500 per week. Franchisees that follow the well developed system will earn well in excess of this figure.

Can I employ staff?

As your business grows and clients start referring you to friends and family, you will be faced with some decisions. Often franchisees get too much work in their second and third years and they will either need to employ staff or split their business.

There are no extra costs in Jim’s if you decide to employ staff; however it is recommended that they attend National training.

When you come to this point in your business your Franchisor will be able to discuss the options available to you. They will run through the positives and negatives of employing staff, splitting your business or reducing your leads area.

What happens if I want to leave?

Our lives are constantly changing and in some instances franchisees may choose to leave Jim’s. This can because of many reasons like retirement, moving, illness or deciding to go in a different direction in life.

When this happens we encourage our franchisees to contract their franchisor. The Franchisor will then discuss what options are available, which may include:

  • Selling the business
  • Splitting the business
  • Transferring their business to another state
  • Walking away from the business

Your Franchisor will be able to assist you and discuss all the available options to you.


These are just some of the commonly asked questions in regards to a Jim’s Pest Control Franchise. I am sure you will have many other questions and the local Regional will be only too happy to answer them.

So, if you would like to find out more on what is on offer for women tradies, who want to purchase a Jim’s Pest Control franchise, then please call Jim’s on 131 546, or use the contact form here to get in touch.