The pest control industry is in desperate need of women tradies. Females make some of the best technicians, in part because their eye for capturing details is exceptional.

If you look closely behind every successful pest control business, you will likely find a very motivated female pushing the business. They are quite often not recognised for their efforts, even though they are very often the key to the business success.

In an effort to shine a light on female tradies in the pest control industry, we strongly encourage women to look at purchasing a franchise. We really do seek to increase the number of female-owned businesses in the Jim’s Group.

If you would like to enquire about a franchise, simply call 131 546 and our friendly staff will take your details.

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Why women tradies should consider pest control

Women tradiesIn years past, pest control was very dirty, hard work, and used some very toxic chemicals. However, these days the chemicals we use are very safe, and in fact most chemicals are based on plant extracts.

In addition, we have now developed better processes of application which reduces exposure. This means that the pest control industry as a whole is now reducing the amount of chemicals used which is a great result for the environment.

The use of technology is also changing the industry, and this is often something older male technicians have trouble with. But, women seem to embrace this technology more easily as it is something they use every day.

It is staggering how important iPads and other similar technologies, as well as social media platforms, is now becoming to the pest control industry.

Pest Control is fast becoming a good trade for females.

Lifestyle and financial independence

Setting your own work hours

A great part of starting you own business with Jim’s is most of the work is already done for you. Websites are already well established and SEO work has been done for years.

New franchisees love the fact that as soon as they turn on, they start to receive leads. This helps them to quickly establish their business. If they follow the Jims systems, under the guidance of their Franchisor, they will quickly establish a viable business.

This enables them and their family to have the lifestyle and financial independence they deserve.

Big cities offer the most flexibility

Female tradies Sydney and female tradies Melbourne have some of the most flexible working hours. This is due to the larger cities having a higher requirement for pest control.

This enables women who purchase a Jim’s Pest Control Franchise to be able to turn on and off for work as they need it.

Jim’s have a well developed computer system that will recognise if a franchisee has been turned off for work. As soon as they turn back on for work the system will start to flood them with leads.

Clients love talking to a knowledgeable female tradie

Clients that call Jim’s prefer to talk to female tradies. This can be put down to the compassion that females will have towards someone with a problem.

They can relate better to the clients. A calm friendly voice at the end of the phone is always well received. If you combine this with the knowledge of a female in the pest control industry, it is an unstoppable force.

This offers women the freedom they deserve and creates a great work life balance.

Stephanie Paddick thoughts on female owned businesses

Stephanie Paddick is the Divisional Manager for Jim’s Pest Control. She became the Divisional Manager by her hard work in the pest control division in Jim’s.

She is a fully qualified technician in several states and strongly believes in encouraging other females to join. In her current role she is responsible for training of new franchisees to help them start their own business.

Stephanie owns and operates the region of New South Wales and South Australia with her husband Lynton. Jim’s Pest Control Mawson Lakes was where she first started with Jim’s. Due to her hard work and dedication she has advanced through the ranks and is highly regarded by Jim.

To find out more on what she thinks about female owned businesses within Jim’s please click on the video link on this page.

Grants for female business owners

While there are some grants for female businesses owners around, some Jim’s franchisors will offer some great incentives for female tradies. These are offered to the right candidates who we think will excel in their own pest control business.

Typically these offers are in the way of a substantial reduction in a franchise cost. It is a way that Jim’s can encourage more women to come and join our group. Please note that these offers are only presented to those applicants who are going to be on the tools.

It is a way that Jim’s can encourage more women to come and join our group.

If you would like to find out more on what is on offer for women within Jim’s Pest Control, plase call Jim’s on 131 546, or use the contact form here to get in touch.