If you are looking for a Jim’s Pest Control franchise review, you are probably considering purchasing a Jim’s Termite and Pest Control franchise. To help you make your decision, it would probably help if you know what our franchisees have to say about us.

If you would like to talk directly to a franchisee then simply call 131 546 and our friendly staff will take your details. The Franchisor will then contact you and give you details of franchisees in your area.

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Jims Pest Control Franchise Review from franchisees

It is important when making a decision on purchasing a franchise that you get to talk to current franchisees. There is however a process that must occur first before you are given their contact details.

The local Franchisor will first interview you and find out if pest control would be a good fit. If they think you would be successful in running a pest control franchise they will give you the details of some franchisees.

These details are only given to you after an interview as we get a large number of enquiries. If every enquiry we received called our franchisees they would soon get very annoyed with the sheer number of phone calls.

We have asked some franchisees to give a Jims Pest Control Franchise Review for you. These can be found in the video links on this page.

Franchisee Reviews

James King – Mount Barker Pest Control Franchisee

James King runs a very successful Jim’s Pest Control Franchise in Mount Barker, South Australia. He has previously worked in the pest control industry.

He wanted to start his own pest control business, but also wanted the backing of a national brand.

Although being a very experienced pest controller, he still had to undertake some initial assessments to see if there were any shortfalls. These shortfalls were identified by his franchisor and he received additional training which helped him in his business.

Since starting his franchise, his financial expectations have certainly been exceeded. It has given him back the lifestyle that he and his family not only sought, but deserved, and he has vowed he will never go back to working for a boss.

Wayne Lawson – Golden Grove Pest Control Franchisee

Wayne Lawson owns and also operates a very successful Jim’s Pest Control Franchise. Wayne is based in Golden Grove, South Australia. He previously worked at Holden, the car manufacturer. With the closing of the Adelaide plant, he was looking at doing something different.

He believes that the training that he received from his franchisor was above even the high standards of Holden.

Wayne says that the level of support he gets from his franchisor is great. Whenever he has any pest control issue out in the field, he is able to contact his franchisor straight away. If for some reason they don’t answer, he knows that they will ring him back very quickly.

Since joining Jim’s, his financial goals, and personal goals, have been exceeded. As long as you follow the Jim’s system you will be successful in your business endeavour.

What Wayne likes most about the franchise is the variety of work he performs. He can start his day with a general pest treatment, move onto a termite inspection, and perhaps finish the day with a bird proofing job.

He, like many other franchisees, loves the freedom that owning and running his own pest control franchise has given him.

So, if you would like to learn more about what is involved in owning and operating your own Jim’s Pest Control Franchise then please call Jim’s on 131 546, or use the contact form here to get in touch.