Jims franchises are available in every state and territory in Australia. You will be surprised at the number of different Jims franchises there are available as we have well over 50 divisions.

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Pest Control is one of the most desirable franchises in Jim’s. Unlike other franchises which require expensive trucks or equipment, pest control equipment is relatively inexpensive.

Profit margins from owning and running a pest control business are quite high. This is why so many people are enquiring about a pest control franchise.

  • Recognised and Trusted Brand
  • Powerful Franchisee model
  • Flexible supplier options
  • Jims’s Finance

Jims franchises able to control work requirements

All Jims franchises gives the franchisees the power to control their own work flow. We have a well developed computer system that allows you to set your own work requirements.

In this system you can set what hours you would like to receive leads. You can also decide what type of services you would like to offer.

This is important as we offer large numbers different services in the pest control division. For example one of the services that we offer is “dead animal removal”.

It is obviously not a service that everyone wants to perform. Through the system franchisees can simply elect not to take leads for that service.

A well developed system that allows you to set your own work requirements

Zones and Leads?

Can I control the areas in which I will take leads?

One of the most common questions we get in regards to Jims franchises is; can I control the area in which I receive leads?

The answer is YES. Our franchisees have the ability to set the areas by postcodes or Geo mapping. This will let the system know where each franchisee is willing to take leads from.

Setting Zones

Some franchisees will even set up zones. This enables them to take leads in different areas.

For example if they knew they were working south of a city they could set up a zone to take leads there. That way there is the possibility that they could pick up extra work close by.

Setting up zones is a really good way that a franchisee can control their workload.

How do you take time for holidays?

Taking holidays

Most Pest Control Businesses struggle to take time off for holidays. They are always worried that if they are not there, to do the work, that their clients will find someone else.

So many independent pest controllers haven’t had holidays for years because of this reason. This will result in them burning out or even worse it will result in family problems.

Working as a team

In Jims franchises, this is completely different. Our franchisees take holidays every year and commonly during the quite time of year being June and July.

As they are part of a large team that works well together, there is always another franchisee that is willing to help their clients why they are away. They have no fear that this person will steal their clients.

Often pairs of franchisees will work together; when one is away the other will take care of the clients.

This is a great culture within Jim’s and how franchisees work together.

So, if you would like to join the team of Jims franchises in the Pest Control division then please call Jim’s on 131 546, or use the contact form here to get in touch.